Make Me Feel / Reaching Out

by Fat Cap / Molecular

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Artists: Fat Cap / Molecular

Release: Make Me Feel / Reaching Out

Catalogue Number: Counterpoint Recordings 010

Release Date: 09/05/2016

A - Fat Cap - Make Me Feel
B - Molecular - Reaching Out

Reaching our 10th release, we re-visit our national roots to bring you a 100% Portuguese release. As we watch more and more people get involved with producing Drum & Bass in our country, it is a great pleasure for us to see Counterpoint has an active roll in this. Every week we receive tracks from both seasoned and upcoming Portuguese producers, and its very gratifying for us to see these people are working to meet the Counterpoint sound. This is evermore the case with Fat Cap and Molecular. Representing Portuguese old and new school (respectively), these two artists have been making serious moves, and they land on Counterpoint with one of our strongest releases so far.

Fat Cap is a musician in his nature, working with music in various ways - from performing live Drum acts for a Hip-hop band, to teaching music production and of course, making amazing Drum & Bass. Known best for his dance floor oriented productions showcased on his releases on Flex and BCN Express, he took our challenge to produce a deep influenced rolling 170BPM track head on. This challenge was met with excellence, and materialized in "Make Me Feel" - a contemporary roller with crisp sharp cutting drums, a ground shaking low-end, and a distinctive soul/funk influence.

Molecular is one of the most exciting Portuguese upcoming talents in Drum & Bass. With professional education in mixing and music production, he has been keeping his progression under the radar over the last couple of years. We've been working with him for some time now, and we're very happy to finally output his first oficial track. "Reaching Out" personifies what the trademark Counterpoint bassline groove is all about, with a strong rolling percurssion that pushes you forward, and all that low-end "funkyness" that we absolutely love.


released May 9, 2016

Mastering: TTT Studio
Artwork: thk grfk



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