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Following the good reception of the sampler, we are proud to finally present our fifth release: Blueshift – Melt EP.

Blueshift is the music production alias for Tiago Braga. Tiago is a much-respected artist within Portuguese borders, best known for his skills as DJ Blast, or his street art and illustration as FEDOR. Counterpoint always respected and looked-up to this artist, and it is a pleasure for us to output his Debut EP.

In his first EP outing, Blueshift gathers all the experience from his years enclosed in his Studio, and wraps it around a handful of emotions to deliver a work that is technically savvy, and has an extensive level of creativity.

Side A – Melt, tries to portrait sad and melodic feelings through the dynamic of its melodies. The main theme of the track sets on the topic of global warming. The “techy” drums make room for a variety of midranges and pads that work together with the bassline, to bring you a very emotional sound.

Side B – Rooftops relates to the topic of graffiti and street art. Specifically it tries to portrait that moment when you are alone, and painting in a spot where no one can see you. Being a more dancefloor-oriented track, it builds on its chords and modulated bass to bring you a harmonious vibe.

Side C – Mixed Feelings is a state of the art roller that creates a contrast between an instrumental intro, a sample rich environment, and a drop with a synthesized basslines. It’s a clear attempt to crossover the digital and analogue sounds, aiming to (as the song title says) project Mixed Feelings.

Side D – Blur, gets its name from an ambience rich sound and marked reverb on the elements, that seems to make them fade away. Its downtempo influences make it a more melodic and introspective experience that works great as the closing track for the EP. It also brings some symmetry and balance to the EP, by picking up right where Side A left off.

Lançada por:
Counterpoint Recordings


released July 27, 2015

Art : thkgrfk
Mastered : TTT Studio



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